We provide a research and consulting service among renewed trends in sustainable development that encompasses resilience to climate change adaptation and natural disaster risk reduction in both short and long term. It is based on our broad experience and knowledge in risk-based design, planning and policy development (Read more about our projects and publications >).

We focus on the pathways and solutions for the development of:

Knowledge Systems: develop an information system and knowledge platform to underpin integrated built environment research, including ‘big data’, scenarios analysis, and benchmarking based on a set of sustainability and resilience indicators;

Resilient Infrastructure: assess infrastructure systems and their interdependency, including potential ripple effects of ‘failure’, across critical service functions and delivery (energy, transport, water, wastes), and develop pathways to enhance system (system-of-systems) performance, capacity and resilience to meet the emerging city challenges and increasing natural hazard risk profiles;

Sustainable Living: develop integrated solutions to improve built environment efficiency and reduce its environmental footprints at different scales (householders to cities, regions) and across a range of change drivers, esp. addressing the climate mitigation and adaptation;

Healthy Environment: assess human settlement & livelihoods – environment nexus subject to emerging urban challenges, and develop pathways to revitalise human settlement and enhance liveability through participatory processes and interventions, including developing governance, policy instruments and technology.

We deliver products including:

  • Knowledge and Solution Repository: built environment data and analytics services, benchmarking of urban performance, and production of stakeholder-specific guidelines and standards;
  • Robust Decision-Making Processes: decision support and services to explore alternative future scenarios under extreme uncertainties, including assessment of: (a) the triple-bottom-line impacts of different pathways or intervention schemes, and (b) progress towards more sustainable and resilient built environment;
  • Integrated Technology Products and Solutions: integrated technology products and solutions to plan, design and manage sustainable and resilient built environment at different scales.